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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Our faith calls us!

I just finish reading an interview of an ex-Boko Haram  member, who is now a Christian, he said a lot of things
(click here to read his confession), but the thing that got my attention is this
“Nigeria is sifting under an Islamic barbaric bomb (IBB). Only God can rescue this nation because 75% of Christians are prayer less. Why? Because they are in their own comfort zone. They do not know what the Christians in Northern Nigeria are passing through and they ignorantly are thinking that the Allah of the Muslims is the same as the God of Christians in the Holy Bible who says: “Thou shalt not kill?.”

Q: What is the solution to this problem of the Boko Haram menace?

A: The problem is not Boko Haram. The problem is the Spirit of Islam which must be crushed by the prayer of the Saints. Was it not through prayer that people like Rev. Paul Ado Bayero, Bishop K. K. Degaya, Apostle Johnson Suleman and hundreds of others got saved? Was it not through prayer that I got saved on my way to assassinate both Rev. Samuel Dasuki and Evangelist Blessed Usman when they were in their training camp in a crusade/ministration to their converts? I tell you from my experience this past few months as a Christian, many Christians are not united. In the north Christians are more united and sincere, but in the south & west, Christians are in comfort zones and if they don’t wake up, they will be surprised of what Muslims will do to them.

Whether this interview is true or not, we all know that the Spirit behind Boko Haram is rampaging throughout the North and its taking anything and everything with it, most especially we Christians who are his major target.

We are not praying as he said we’re all chilling as the devil is moving as a roaring lion seeking whom devour, and he’s having our fellow patriots for breakfast!
We Christians are not making any effort to pray and ensure their safety, and defeat the Spirit of Boko Haram.

As we all know the Gay rights movement is moving at a very fast rate as Obama made sure the Law was passed in the U.S, he’s now preaching the gospel of “Gay Acceptance” starting with Nations in Africa.

  We are not making any road blocks, to ensure this “Gay Spirit”  doesn’t make its way into our lives.
Christians are being forced to support the Gay rights movement, for instance Christain sex and marriage therapists are having a tough time, because they refuse to give counsel to gay couples.
Now you can imagine, what Christain Lawmakers are going through in America, and no one is interceding for them.

                                   “A Call to duty”
This is a call to duty, to all Christians forgetting denomination, to intercede for them as Epaphras did for the Church Col 4:12, we would pray and fast (fasting is till 12pm every Wednesday, if you feel lead to fast till 6pm please do) for our fellow Christians, that happen to be in tough situations where the Christian faith is tested.

This is also a medium for us to war with the devil, as he’s trying to rip the Christian Kingdom apart.  
 Prayer points would be posted on or before Wednesday on this various platforms
Also on this blog
GOD will richly bless you as you intercede for the entire Christian Populace
Colossians 4:12

King James Version (KJV)

12 Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ, saluteth you, always labouring fervently for you in prayers, that ye may stand perfect and complete.

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